About Us

American Research Journals (ARJ) is an Online Journal Publishing house, dedicated to publishing Academic Journals in various disciplines. As an organization, ARJ aims to publish educational and open access research journals for a global audience, while catering to a vocal community of research scholars and academics, with assorted backgrounds. While ARJ caters to authors from all around the world, its American roots are not to be forgotten.

ARJ is reputed for publishing easily accessible content on a strong platform that addresses the needs of researchers working in various disciplines such as Agriculture, Medical Sciences, Engineering, etc. To ensure the highest quality, all papers submitted to our organization are peer-reviewed by our expert editorial board. ARJ has received accolades for its author-concentric customer service. ARJ's system is truly transparent in providing 'open access' to everyone while delivering exceptional service.

Working towards a brighter future in terms of creative, qualitative and quantitative research, ARJ strives to improve the standards at which a researcher is perceived. The organization motivates its members towards achieving a vision of 'Total Egalitarian Research', while it maintains a stance of approach ability with its Editorial Board Members.

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