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Reprints are an excellent way to share and promote your research with colleagues in your field, with peers at conferences or for use in lectures or lessons with students. Authors have an opportunity to purchase reprints of their articles published in American Research Journals, Inc. ARJ provides reprints in high quality with convenient shipping to destinations worldwide within 1—4 weeks, the shipping charges depend on the distance and the weight of the consignment. The reprints are provided in high quality glossy paper of 21.0 x 29.7cm (A4) full color and glossy finish.

    The cover page of reprint comprises of:

  • Logo of American Research Journals, Inc.
  • The details of the Journal

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2 pagesUS$ 800US$ 850US$ 900US$ 950US$ 1000US$ 1050US$ 1100US$ 1150
4 pagesUS$ 1000US$ 1050US$ 1100US$ 1150US$ 1200US$ 1250US$ 1300US$ 1350
8 pagesUS$ 1200US$ 1250US$ 1300US$ 1350US$ 1400US$ 1450US$ 1500US$ 1550
12 pagesUS$ 1400US$ 1450US$ 1500US$ 1550US$ 1600US$ 1650US$ 1700US$ 1750
16 pagesUS$ 1600US$ 1650US$ 1700US$ 1750US$ 1800US$ 1850US$ 1900US$ 1950
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