Special Issue Proposal

American Research Journals will consider publishing special issues based on the author's request. Requests for special issues are welcome from qualified researchers, once requests are approved based on peer review and editor’s approval, the special issue can be published online within a reasonable timeframe.

Special issues related to a conference must be submitted by the conference coordinators. They might likewise compose a special issue because of the developed or full forms of papers that were exhibited in the conference, symposium or workshop.

Ideally, accompanying data and completed structure of the special issue should be submitted for approval and eventual publishing of the special issue.

Working title, review of the theme, and the points and scope of the special issue;

  • The curriculum vitae of the guest editor(s);
  • An expected number of articles to be published;
  • A rundown of potential reviewers;
  • A conditional period

The guest editor is in charge of reviewing all submissions and providing final approval to the journal editorial office for publication.