Editor Guidelines

The Editors greatly contribute to the Journal's reputation and consistently improve the Journal values by handling a thorough peer-review process. The editor needs to decide the accurate reviewer to check the quality of the submission.

We consider Reviewers comments; however, the Editor's decision remains final in manuscript acceptance. Editor's responsibility to provide the decision based on the novelty and quality of the article.

Assigning Reviewers

The Editor has to evaluate the manuscripts received from the Editorial office. In exceptional cases where the manuscripts remain outstanding, the Editor can accept at this stage. If an editor needs to reject the article, he should provide valid reasons to reject a manuscript.

Decision Making

The Editor should make an unbiased decision on the submitted manuscript, based on comments of the reviewers, and the Editor's assessment of the manuscript. The Editor should provide any of the following decisions.

  • Accept with Major Revision
  • Accept with Minor Revision
  • Accept with no changes
  • Reject

Editor's Contribution to the Journal

The Editor should be active and participate in providing new ideas or suggestions to improve the standards of the Journal. 

The Editor needs to submit Editorials/manuscripts to release the Journal issues regularly. 

The Editor should encourage publication of peer-reviewed research and technological advances in the path of enlightening discoveries.

The Editor should encourage the submission of quality articles to the journal from his colleagues' other expertise.


  • Must decide if a submitted paper is suitable for the journal
  • A convenient commitment of the articles/original copies for the forthcoming issues.
  • Convenient response to the editorial office and fulfillment of the audit procedure inside the gave course of events
  • The editor should regard the scholarly autonomy of creators.
  • Editors ought to keep away from circumstances of genuine or saw irreconcilable situations.


  • Editors are to publish any number of article
  • Editors will receive 10% of revenue for any membership to our journal
  • Awards and Certification from Journal’s office
  • More benefits from editorial office in terms of getting more articles, indexing, citation and improving standards of journals.