American Research Journal of Materials Science

American Research Journal of Materials Science is an international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal. Materials Science involves the discovery and design of new materials, is the study of all materials, from those we see and use everyday such as a glass or a piece of sport equipment to those used in aerospace and medicine.

This journal publishes research work on topics like Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Molecular design software, Molecular modelling, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Neutron crystallography, Neutron diffraction, Polymer engineering, Quenching, Stereochemistry, etc. The journal welcomes and publishes insightful materials science related articles in the form of original articles, review articles, case reports, short reviews, short notes etc.

Given below are some of the key (but not limited) topics of this journal.

  • Amalgam
  • Atomic packing factor
  • Bio-based material
  • Biomaterial
  • Bioplastic
  • Carbon nanotube
  • Ceramic engineering
  • Ceramic forming techniques
  • Colloidal crystal
  • Comparison of software for molecular mechanics modeling
  • Composite material
  • Crystallography
  • Electron crystallography
  • Electron diffraction
  • Emerging material science technologies
  • Energetically modified cement
  • Forensic engineering
  • Liquid crystal
  • Materials science in science fiction
  • Metallurgy
  • Mineralogy
  • Molecular design software
  • Molecular modelling
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Neutron crystallography
  • Neutron diffraction
  • Polymer engineering
  • Quenching
  • Single crystal
  • Sintering
  • Software for nanostructures modeling
  • Sol-gel
  • Solid-state chemistry
  • Stereochemistry
  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Surface analysis methods
  • Thermal analysis methods
  • Timeline of materials technology
  • Transparency and translucency
  • Tribology
  • X-ray crystallography or diffraction



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