Volume 2

Reduced Tillage Effect on Soil Physico-Chemical Properties, Growth and Yield of Maize in Gleysol and Ultisol of Kogi State, Nigeria
Babatunde, I. J, Ewulo, B. S, Agele, S. O and Ogundare, S. K.
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Studies on the Comparative Toxicity of Jatropha curcas and Synthetic Nematicide on the Root-Knot Nematode Infected Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annuum)
Hinmikaiye, A.S., Abolusoro, S.A.,Oloniruha, J.A.,Ogundare, S.K.,Babalola, T.S.,Kadiri, W.O.J, Ayodele, F.G
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Some Biological Parameters of the Thin-Lipped Mullet Liza Ramada in Benghazi Coast - Libya
Abdalla N. Elawad, Ramadan A. S. Ali, Manal M. Khalipha, Mohammed A. El-Mabrouk and Eman S. AlFergani
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Effect of season of birth and genetic on post-partum anestrous period of Sudanese cattle
I Bushara
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A Comparison of the Economic Value for Enteric Methane Emissions with other Biological Traits Associated With Dairy Cows
Matt Bell, Jennie Pryce, Paul Wilson
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Probiotic (ROEMIN W2) Improved Growth Performance and Intestinal Histomorphological Structure in Broilers Challenged With E.Coli
El-Hamamy M.M, Amina A. Dessouki, Rania.Hamad, Manal M. A. Mahmoud
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Potentials and Challenges of Agricultural Education inreducing Postharvest losses (PHLs) and Food Insecurityin Ogun State, Nigeria
Oyediran, Wasiu Oyeleke, Omoare, Ayodeji Motunrayo
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The Species Composition and Diversity of the Coastal Waters of Ondo State, Nigeria
Josef Bamidele Bolarinwa, Fasakin,Emman A, Fagbenro,Adedapo O
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Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Chemical Composition of Root Vegetables on the Example of Carrot Roots
Gorzelany Jozef, Matlok Natalia
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