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Cultural and Linguistic Conflicts in Cameroon, 1961 - 2020: Looming Threats to Peace and National Unity

Emmanuel Yenkong Sobseh, PhD

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Translation Strategies for External Publicity in the Post-Epidemic Era and Frequent Geopolitical Conflicts

Pan Li-na, Guo Xiao-chun

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D.T. Suzuki and Thich Nhat Hanh: The Rise of Contemporary Zen in the West

Taoxi Xie

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Nature: Analysis of the Variable Correlations of Psychological effects on the Environment and Human Development

Dr. Indushekhar Upadhyay, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Upadhyay

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A Psychological Investigation of the Determinants of Investment Risk Management of the Investors: Special Reference to Bangladesh

Md. Abdul Kader

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Crime and Crime Prevention Strategies: A Descriptive Analysis of Trends, Patterns, and Feasibility of Community Policing in Bangladesh

Maksuda Khatun

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Cognitive Dissonance: Catalyst for Discriminatory Development among American Teens

Mitchell Saccone

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COVID and African Americans: Addressing Disparities in Mental Health

James Maiden, Ed.D., Phronie Jackson, Ph.D., Nathalie Mizelle, Ph.D.

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YouTube as a Potential Medium for Liquid Health Communication: A Study on Women’s Consciousness Regarding Breast Cancer in Bangladesh

Monira Begum

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The Gender Inequalities in the Process of Decentralization in Togo


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